Too Soon?

Too Soon? With Ronnie Bunni

March 31, 2021 Lenda Jo, Malaiya Marvel and Jemma Stone Season 1 Episode 5
Too Soon?
Too Soon? With Ronnie Bunni
Show Notes

In this episode We talk about Tamisha Iman's plan to spill the tea on the Race once her contract is over, Biden's first press conference, The Kids at the border, Ron Johnson, the voter suppression bills popping up in a lot of states, The Vlog Squad scandal, and the new HBO Max show Genera+ion! Then we chat with Cosplayer, TikToker, Anime E-Girl, Ronnie Bunni  about similarities and differences between Drag and Cosplay, being Black in the Cosplay community, TikTok, Onlyfans,  and we find out Hinata is indeed black!

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